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"All the milestones, from magical to mortifying, make great stories — at least eventually." writes Sloane Stephens Cox of Bella Magazine. These milestones may be remembered through old photographs and mementos, but there's no other way to tell a story effectively than through scrapbooks. They require an assortment of art supplies that people don't usually have at home, which compels some scrapbooking enthusiasts to buy supplies from scrapbook stores online. The effort, however, is worth as much as the sense of accomplishment that they feel afterward.

"Scrapbooking combines information and imagery in a creative keepsake to pass down for generations to come. By incorporating glued memorabilia, photos, drawings, journaling and more, scrapbooking can bring out one's crafty side" Cox continues. As such, this simple hobby can be considered an art form as well. Of course, just like any painter or sculptor, a scrapbook maker should first settle on a general theme or idea to guide his or her work.

Most scrapbooks are dedicated to capturing just one phase of the person's life. This means that they're usually made to record important events or time-periods like weddings, high school days, out-of-country vacations, and the like. Cox also recommended creating a scrapbook to chronicle the time spent with one's firstborn child, especially the awkward moments he or she had with strangers. Once the child grows up, he or she can refer to this scrapbook and remember those memories once again. Many adults find it difficult to recall what their early childhood was like, which could be quite embarrassing whenever the younger generations ask them for it.

Thus, the skills and supplies needed for creating a scrapbook have to be just right in order to record these memories effectively. Most scrapbook makers may already have glues, scissors, and extra scrapbook pages on hand, but those are just the tip of the iceberg. Decorative pieces, fancy cutters, and even special pens have to be considered as well; the pens, in particular, should be acid-free (to avoid blots) and permanent (to avoid smudges). One notable online scrapbook store,, even offers deals, discounts and steals on everything you need from specific pens, papers, adhesives and more.

Carefully planning how a scrapbook will turn out may seem to be taking things too seriously. But scrapbooks are works of art and not just vessels of a person's memories. Therefore, it's only fitting that they're given such special treatment.

(Info from Baby's Firsts: Map the milestones multiple ways, Pensacola News Journal, October 4, 2013)

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