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Reliable Online Scrapbook Stores: Supporting a Longstanding Hobby

Little do people know but scrapbooking is one of those hobbies that have a long history. Starting with 17th century commonplace books, scrapbooks have evolved since then into the craft we know it today. Clive Thompson, author of Smarter Than You Think: How Technology is Changing Our Minds for the Better, recently wrote a feature on the practice of scrapbooking for

"Cutting, pasting, collating: This feels like a new behavior, a desperate attempt to cope with a radical case of information overload. But it’s actually a quite venerable urge. Indeed, back in the 19th century we had a similarly intense media barrage, and we used a very similar technology to handle it: the scrapbook.


For many, scrapbooks became a proto-Wikipedia—a way to retain information that might be useful or interesting later on. They were used in all walks of life. The schoolteacher Frances A. Smith hoped to marry a farmer and move west, so to prepare a pile of knowledge, around 1870 she began clipping and pasting everything a farm wife might want—ranging from remedies for children’s scaly rashes to details about cows and lightning rods."

In the past, having access to the information contained in scrapbooks was helpful to people’s daily lives. These days, scrapbooks have become more personal in nature, wherein many people make scrapbooks to store photos and memories of a special event or person.

Your Scrapbook’s Purpose

Making your own scrapbook should be an easy experience, especially if you start simple. What you need to start with is a purpose. Will the scrapbook be aimed at typical milestones and events? Will it focus on a certain person? Is it going to be a gift? Deciding on the purpose of your scrapbook can make it easier to identify the materials you’ll need to purchase from a dependable online scrapbook store like

Choosing the Right Photos and Memorabilia

When you already know the purpose of your scrapbook, gather all of the photos you think you might need. Additional bric-a-brac may also be added to a scrapbook like tickets, important certificates, and others. However, you may want to use copies instead of originals for what you want to paste onto a scrapbook, such as in the case of birth certificates and other legal documents.

Making It All Come Together

Now that you’ve got all of the materials together, it’s time to turn them into a lovely memento. Decide on a design or a theme. A good tip would be to use a single type of colored paper to decorate the entire scrapbook. For the embellishments, leading scrapbook stores online can provide you with almost everything, from stickers, ribbons, to layered felt accents.

(Source: When Copy and Paste Reigned in the Age of Scrapbooking, Smithsonian Magazine, July 2014)

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