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Pocket Scrapbooking Made Easy with Items from Online Scrapbook Stores

There has never been a better way of keeping memories than through traditional scrapbooking. Despite the growing popularity of digital scrapbooking, working with physical accessories and memorabilia still offers an unparalleled experience. It is no wonder, then, that many American families continue this longstanding tradition, with some of them going as far as keeping scrapbooking supplies good to last for a year or two.



One of the trending scrapbooking designs today is what fans call pockets, which refer to envelopes or pouches built or attached onto scrapbook pages.

In the following excerpt from an article for, the author provides practical and easy tips on how to design scrapbook pockets. Be it a single big pouch or multiple smaller ones, pockets are definitely eye-catching as well as practical. They can hold objects and memorabilia that are difficult to attach to scrapbook pages directly.

"To create a full page pocket, choose two pieces of cardstock of the same size. Use one page as the base page and the other page as the actual pocket or top page.

Your page will have an opening at the top to insert your items. To create the opening, you’ll cut a design into the top half of the pocket page. You can use a half circle or "V"shape pattern, or you may want to cut off the entire top half of the page. You can use decorative edge scissors to create a more elaborate look to your pocket page. Make sure both of the edges of both pages aligned with each other. After aligning the pages, make any needed changes to the pocket opening. Apply a strong adhesive around the edges of the pocket. A firm holding adhesive will work best, choose double sided photo tape or glue."

Pockets are cute and attractive on their own, but adding embellishments can enhance the beauty of the scrapbook page. Quality decors and paraphernalia are needed to bring life and character to these pages. While these items may be found in a local supplies store, these establishments’ inventory and range of designs may be limited. These makes shopping for scrapbook supplies from noted online scrapbook stores a better idea.

A trusted online scrapbook store like would have a wider selection of scrapbook supplies, including acid-free paper, colored markers, and glittered glue. Various accessories such as buttons, stickers, and stamps can be found here, too. The more choices scrapbook makers have, the more their imagination can work in coming up with fresh design ideas that would have their own personal stamp.

(Source: Jennifer Wilson shares 8 easy steps to simplify pocket scrapbooking,

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