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Old School? Online Scrapbook Stores in the Digital Scrapbooking Era

According to social media research firm Semiocast, the popular photo-sharing platform Pinterest now has 70 million users around the world; that's because unlike other social networking sites, it gives people their own virtual pin board where they can stick any picture they find interesting or inspiring. Of course, this platform bears a remarkable similarity to traditional scrapbooking in that users can assemble a collection of images onto a page. Despite its convenience, though, an article on says that Pinterest won't be replacing scrapbooking as we know it today— at least not any time soon:

Stacy Julian is a guru in the scrapbooking world…

Julian went on to found Big Picture Classes, an online education site for creative women. The company encourages its students "to use materials they have on hand or materials that can be acquired in their local economy." So scrapbooking is viewed as a physical craft by Stacy Julian and her education website.

…She uses Pinterest mainly for inspiration, with her most popular board 'Happy Colors' being a place to "visit when I'm tired and need to find my mojo." Color is an important part of her scrapbooking philosophy, but the emphasis is still on deploying colorful materials on paper - rather than online. So Pinterest is a complementary activity for Stacy Julian, it hasn't replaced scrapbooking for her.

Traditional scrapbooking still appeals to many devoted hobbyists. They enjoy the smell of glue, the feel of paper in their hands, as well as the snipping sound of scissors. Besides, buying supplies no longer means dropping by the nearest craft store. While their methods may be decidedly “old school”, enthusiasts can now buy their papers, ribbons, and other embellishments through online scrapbook stores like All Scrapbooks Steals.

If they happen to buy too many supplies from their favorite online scrapbooking stores, they can always share their extras with fellow scrapbooking enthusiasts. Indeed, the sense of camaraderie that sharing fosters is one thing that digital scrapbooking cannot replicate. Furthermore, while scrapbooks can be expensive projects, the sharing of supplies makes the cost that much more affordable.

Aside from this, each scrapbook is a custom-made gift and many feel they are more valuable given the amount of time and effort that went into making them. Other scrapbookers also complain that people spend too much time in front of their computer screens already, and traditional scrapbooking will be a welcome respite for both the eyes and the soul.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Why Pinterest Has NOT Reimagined Scrapbooking,, June 18 2012)

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