Fun Ideas that Will Inspire You to Buy Scrapbooking Supplies Wholesale

Scrapbooks are set apart from typical photo albums by their artistically laid out pages. This unique feature is made possible by the plethora of embellishments you can purchase from a scrapbooking supply store, find around the home, or get straight from nature. An article by contributor Rebecca Ludens for discusses how you can make each page of your scrapbook exciting by a bit of thinking outside the box.

"Bring the outdoors in by using trees, leaves, branches, and birds as the embellishments on your next scrapbook page. These nature-inspired designs have been trendy for a long time. Embellishing crafts with bird shapes has even inspired its own internet meme."

Using what you have around you is perhaps the most efficient way to design your scrapbook. However, it may seem a little too reckless to just put in organic materials, such as leaves and twigs, without drying them first. If you wish to instantly capture that organic, back-to-nature look in your scrapbook, try to find dried natural embellishments from wholesale scrapbooking supplies stores.

Fun Ideas that Will Inspire You to Buy Scrapbooking Supplies Wholesale

Ms. Ludens’ article also suggests using floral designs as scrapbook embellishments, which you can make “using a variety of supplies you most likely already have on hand including tissue paper, felt, buttons, ribbon, strips of cardstock, and more.” The writer further encourages scrapbook makers to experiment with new trends.

"Sometimes a hot trend is just what you need to get you excited about working on your paper crafts again. Trying out a trendy shape such as hexagons or chevrons may be just what you are looking for to embellish your next scrapbook page."

If you’re worried that some embellishments might cause dents on their neighboring pages, you may want to use pattern papers instead. These can create similar visual effects as embellishments while keeping your scrapbook pages flatter. Pattern papers are a timeless scrapbooking element that allow for deviations. Breaking the monotony in each page is the idea of putting embellishments, and pattern paper can serve this function just as well.

A scrapbook is a hybrid of a book, a photo album, and a souvenir chest. Every page must contain several elements to be able to tell a story, not just a presentation of photos or souvenir items. It can be a fulfilling and artistic hobby that will surely get you hooked and keep you wanting to do more.

To save on costs, it would be wise to buy scrapbooking supplies wholesale from trusted online suppliers like After all, it pays to always have the right materials and embellishments handy the next time you need to bring out the artist in you.

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