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Four Scrapbook Ideas to Help You Preserve Extraordinary Memories

Posted by admin

Did you know that scrapbooks first became popular in the 1600s, and they were known back then as "commonplace books"? These books were used to preserve poems, quotes, and even a lock of hair from a loved one. Today, with scrapbook ideas such as the ones given below and supplies from retailers like, keeping memories alive has never been more fun.

Plan out your scrapbook

You can center your scrapbook around your family, friends, important life events, interests, etc. Decide how you’re going to arrange the entries, whether chronologically, thematically, or randomly. Visualize the overall look you want for your scrapbook. This way, the scrapbooking process will be much faster, and you won’t have to stress so much about inadequate or excess supplies.

Buy the basics

If this is your first time making a scrapbook, the bare minimum of supplies will do. This way, you can easily repair mistakes or add more stuff to your scrapbook without worrying about wasted money. Buy scissors, colorful pens or markers, acid-free adhesives, and quality scrapbook paper.


By now, you probably have a collection of photos, written materials, and other memorabilia you want to stick into your scrapbook. You may also have a clear mental image of what it’ll finally look like. If you're making the scrapbook from scratch, don’t take out the glue just yet. Lay everything down on a clean work area, arrange the paper (or any other material you have in mind) according to your plan, and have fun positioning everything.

Go crazy with designs

You can skip this step if you're satisfied with your scrapbook's final design. Otherwise, there are a gazillion ways your scrapbook can look better. You can add stickers, ask your friends to contribute more photos, have them write testimonials, write funny captions for the pictures (e.g. "I wonder what the thirty-something version of me will think when she sees me doing this"), and so on.

If you're not sure what supplies to use for your scrapbook, there are scrapbook kits available that offer some ideas. Once you're done, there may be leftover scrapbook supplies; don't throw them away yet. You can use them for future projects that may or may not involve scrapbooking. Meanwhile, don't forget to have fun with your modern version of the commonplace book.

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