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Wholesale Scrapbooking Supplies: Developing Your Child's Creativity & Self-Esteem

Young children can develop their self-esteem during their formative years by engaging in scrapbooking. Leeza Gibbons made this point in her America Now interview with scrapbooking professionals Sandi Pirrelli and Rebecca Moran. Gibbons, who is herself active in scrapbooking, said that it is important for children to start chronicling their lives early on to help them understand themselves better.

If your children show creativity and want to express themselves, scrapbooking can be a healthy way for them to explore their dreams, feelings, and interests. One way to get things going would be to help them make their own scrapbook and source their scrapbooking supplies from wholesale companies like According to Gibbons, "Kids are spending so much time...texting and on their computers and in front of a TV screen that they really don't have time to decompress and dream and grow and be introspective."

As entertainment and technology continues to advance, children may become so enthralled with virtual worlds that they can no longer function in the real world without electronic devices by their side. A British government study noted that prolonged TV/electronic gadget exposure leads to lower self-esteem. In addition, prolonged exposure could lead to health problems that result from lack of exercise.

Scrapbook materials are varied and offer limitless customization opportunities for interested hobbyists. Many scrapbook suppliers offer attractive scrapbook supplies that will appeal to children. This in turn will motivate them to use their hands and refine their creative skills. Pirrelli said that, "Some of the things that we're going to be creating is a journal all about 'me' … creating a journal-type of album gives them a place with … special pockets and things like that." Moran, a mother of two boys, was just as vocal about scrapbooking's ability to encourage young children to use their hands for more constructive purposes. "It makes them … stop and think about the things that are important to them … It's so important, I think, for boys especially, to...spend some time thinking about, 'Who am I and where am I going and who is inspiring me?'"

Scrapbooking allows children to vent their energies in ways they'd never realized were possible. Some providers also offer unique theme sets featuring kid's favorite Disney characters and motifs from favorite holidays like Halloween and Christmas. Parents can order materials from wholesale scrapbook supplies sellers like to get their children's creative juices flowing.

(Info from Scrapbooking helps raise kids' self-esteem; America Now)
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