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Buying Scrapbooking Supplies Wholesale & Enjoying Therapeutic Benefits

Scrapbooking is an art that has been developed for a long time, but its potential as a therapeutic avenue is not well known to the majority. However, organizations like St. Jude Children’s Hospital and the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation are using scrapbooking as a means to help people cope with their problems.

Scrapbooking provides an avenue of relaxation, memory documentation, and increased levels of self-confidence. These benefits make scrapbooking a good choice for group therapy, and organizers of these sessions may consider buying scrapbooking supplies wholesale.

Basic scrapbooking materials include: an album, refill pages, adhesive, cardstock, patterned papers, and journal pens. Photographs are also great materials to add.

When organizers have sifted through wholesale scrapbooking supplies from reputable online stores like All Scrapbook Steals (, it is important that both the organizers and participants understand how to effectively create a good scrapbook. Lisa Moorefield published an article on her blog that gives several tips.

First, don’t try to scrapbook everything. It is better for the individual to pick several events that changed his or her life the most and focus on extraordinary, poignant, or insightful occurrences. This will help therapists and patients limit the scope of the therapy.

It is also advisable to keep a journal. Remembering events and turning them into stories is one of the main purposes of scrapbooking. Therapists, patients and people related to the patient should keep a journal close by to log significant events.

These tips will help anyone create a scrapbook that does not only presents pictures, but the story of the individual as well.

(Source: 20 Simple Scrapbooking Ideas and Tips,

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